The International Symposium on Environmental and Material Flow Management – EMFM2016 – will be organized this year for the sixth time, jointly by Technical Faculty in Bor,University of Belgrade (Serbia) , and the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld, University of Applied Sciences Trier (Germany) , and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Zenica (Bosnia and Herzegovina) , presenting a forum for scientific research discussion and practice on the subjects of environmental and material flow management.


Prof. dr Peter Schulte

Scientific Representative of the Institute for European Affairs INEA for the Scientific Cooperation of South-Eastern-Europe Universities
Dr Milica Arsić

University of Belgrade
Technical Faculty in Bor
Kornélia Lazányi PhD

Óbuda University
Keleti Faculty of Business and Management
Institute of Management and Organisation
Prof. dr Šefket Goletić

University of Zenica
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Department of Ecological Engineering
M.Sc. Dipl.-Geogr. Miljana Cosic

Trier University of Applied Sciences Environmental Campus Birkenfeld
Institute for Applied Material Flow Management–IfaS
Department for European projects and fundraising

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Serbian Journal of Management

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